Jade Huang
Oh hi! Didn’t see ya there. I’m Jade, Jade Huang. I’m in 12th grade and am taking Creative Productions. Obviously I enjoy film and want to make some of my own. Aside from film though, I enjoy video games, biking, and spending time with friends. When it comes to filming experience I sadly have very little. Aside from what I’ve filmed in Creative Productions, I have filmed a short film for a film camp many moons ago, as well as a few documentaries for school projects. Being able to one day create films on a professional level is a big aspiration of mine. My favorite actor is easily Leonardo Dicaprio. My favorite actress is either Scarlett Johansson or Gal Gadot, for undisclosed reasons. Leonardo is not only a top tier actor, but also a top tier bro. Aside from winning awards and acting like it’s nothing, he chills out on yachts and hangs out with his boys. Some of my favorite movies are The Dark Knight Trilogy, La La Land, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Logan, Creed, and Star Wars.

Jade Huang, Contributor

Mar 05, 2018
Behind the Garage Trailer (Story)