It’s Valen-time to Sing to Your Valentine


Students involved in Singing Valentines perform for junior Rachel Hoppe.


A simple card will not suffice to celebrate Valentine’s Day at Chanhassen High School. Instead, on February 12, 2020, lessons are often paused to listen to Singing Valentines, where students perform to their fellow classmates who have received a musical message from someone special. 

Students buy each other Singing Valentines for three dollars either as a fun message or as a meaningful way to celebrate the holiday. Most students buy one for their friends, but some even address them to teachers. These messages are a fun and exciting way to share the holiday spirit around the school and let the students involved show off their talent. 

While some students purchase a Singing Valentine with the intention of it being a nice gesture, others use Singing Valentines as an opportunity to have some fun. For example, Rachel Hoppe, a junior, received three in one hour from the same person. “I knew I was going to get three that hour, but the entire class I was just waiting in anticipation to receive the next one, which was entertaining. It was a bit nerve-wracking to be up in the front of the class like that, but a really fun way to celebrate the holiday,” says Hoppe. 

Not only is it fun for the sender and recipient, but it also provides plenty of entertainment for the rest of the class as they observe the recipient being sung to. Olivia Crowley, a junior who participated in Singing Valentines, says that the activity “lets people be goofy and allows for a quick break during class as we perform.” Singing Valentines is a fun, short way to provide entertainment to fellow classmates and to celebrate the holiday while giving everyone a short break from class – or perhaps not so short when there are multiple performances in one just one class.

The people performing, however, get the best deal. While students in classes get to take a break from lessons to watch a performance, the performers themselves get to miss the entire day of school and, as Crowley says, “run around the school all day singing super fun songs with friends.” The day of Singing Valentines is a lighthearted day for everyone, whether observers or receivers of the performances, or the performers themselves. It’s a fantastic way to celebrate the holiday and spread some joy among the school, adding some variety and fun to what would have otherwise been another typical day of class.

Singing Valentines provides a fun way to celebrate the holiday, but it does more than entertain. “Singing Valentines is a great way to support our choir program!” says Katy Lacy, another participant this year. Buying Singing Valentines shows some holiday-appropriate love to our choir program and helps them raise money to continue growing and supporting themselves.

While Valentines Day for 2020 has passed, there is always next year to join in on the fun. Students can either purchase Singing Valentines at lunches, or they can form their own group to sing songs to the recipients of Singing Valentines. All potential performers need to do is find a group and audition, according to Lacy. “We started preparing in the first or second week of January and arranged a set list of three to four songs around forty seconds in length,” she says. 

Even if we do not want to buy or receive a Singing Valentine or be a performer, we can all look forward to next year when once again, it will be a day full of holiday spirit and taking a brief break from learning to listen to talented performers spreading the love of Valentine’s Day.