How Many American High School Students Actually Enjoy Travel Abroad?


Do only 27% of American High School students travel abroad? According to a Gallup Youth Survey, roughly one in every four American teens say that they have traveled overseas.

Emma Duff, a freshman at Chanhassen High School traveled to Mexico a few years ago. She says the best part of her trip was being with her family. Something she doesn’t enjoy about traveling abroad is flying. She says, “The plane rides can get really long, but the trip itself was really fun.”

Emma Duff (9th)

Eden Rector, a freshman at Chanhassen High School, has been to Kazakhstan, Mexico, and Thailand. She says the best parts of her trip were “The beaches and pools.” She stated, “Everything was enjoyable. I wouldn’t change anything about the trips.” Overall, Rector enjoys traveling because she loves “airplane rides and staying in hotels. Also, trying food from different places is really cool.”

Several Chanhassen High School students, that have traveled overseas, answered a survey. The chart attached shows the amount of students who like, dislike or are neutral to international travel. Results showed that most people enjoyed their trip(s).

Chanhassen High School “Travel Abroad Survey”

On the other side, many American teens haven’t traveled abroad. Annalyse Jackson, freshman at Waconia High School hasn’t traveled overseas. She says, “Travelling during the school year is difficult because of the workload from school and travelling in the summer gets hard because of nationals for dance.” Jackson continues by saying, “I really want to travel to Newcastle in Australia for the beaches.”

International travel can be extremely crucial in a person’s life. It makes people culturally sensitive and more aware. Disha Thakkar, senior at Chanhassen High School says, “Seeing people from numerous different cultures and backgrounds allows my awareness of the rest of the world, outside the US, to strengthen and expand.”

Many American students get the opportunity to travel abroad with the foreign exchange program. However, it’s extremely expensive. According to, “It is estimated that if the student paid for all the expenses for a cultural/study year in another country it would cost up to $10,000, or more.” Here are five of the most popular and affordable countries. Mexico, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Colombia, and the Philippines

Traveling internationally can be difficult and costly for many people, especially for students. Many who have traveled, however, would agree that it was an enjoyable experience.