Feb fest better than in past years?



Feb fest is an event in Chanhassen held at Lake ann.  Fishers ice fish competing prizes and people around the community looking for family fun attend Feb Fest. Activities include ice skating, a s’mores cookout on a bonfire, sledding, horse-drawn wagon rides, dog sled rides, fat-tire bikes, door prizes, concessions, and of course, the ever-popular ice fishing contest, with over 1,000 fishing holes drilled in the ice & fabulous prizes. 

The top-performing fish are northern pikes this year with the whole top board being filled with them. Anna Peterson was the winner with a 2.2 lbs Northern pike.

Feb fest is an annual event that fishers and people around the community praise for its simple but fun design. This year was the 27th annual Feb fest and we want to know how it compares to pass years and what this event does for the community. Many people say that their favorite events were the more family lead events like skating, sledding, dog sled rides or even the fat-tires bikes. I was able to interview some more “hardcore” fisherman and obviously their favorite part was the ice fishing.

I talked with multiple people with multiple perspectives. One man I interviewed was from Pakistan for a business trip, a man who had been to Feb Fest for over 20 years, a man who had been fishing here for 5 years, a family who had been the last 2 years, and a first-time family. I asked most of them the same question ”how was the event handled.” 

Pakistani man Muhammed Allah Jinja said his thoughts on the event.

“I think the event was handled well. I think that it’s very organized and all-around a good event for anyone trying to have fun fisher or not.” 

Fred Thompson has been fishing here for over 20 years he said “I think the event is always handled well and is good for anyone trying to use their fishing skills for some fun prizes. I think in terms of the family side it’s very well put together and is probably better than other local events. Although my kids are a little too old to go with me now!”

Chris Mcbev has been fishing for 5 years, he said: “The event is always handled well even when it’s freezing cold like last year it’s still fun to get out on the ice, sled around, and fish.”

The Greep family had been to the event the past 2 years had to say this “while it’s better than last year in terms of last year I think the event gets better the longer they have it and is always a fun event to take your kids to and have fun even when you don’t fish.”

The Yengle family said “it’s very well run and gives us fun to have for at least around 3 hours whether it’s the flat-tire bikes, the sled dogs, or the ice skating, its always fun”

Another question I asked was how the event compared to other events or other years of Feb Fest. Fred Thompson said “I would say the event gets better every year and it’s more family-oriented than Eden Prarie or any other fishing event I’ve been to which is good”