Chan Garden Club Plans for another Year


Ebony Harris, Contributer

The Chan Garden Club is planning for this year’s spring planting season. They provide fresh produce for our school lunches and they’re looking for new members to join their club. The garden is located at the back of the school near the bus loop.

As the club begins to plan for this upcoming spring, their president, Taylor Laube, a junior at Chan, sent out a survey requesting students to put forth ideas of fresh produce they would like to have in their lunches. Based on feedback, the club will plant corn, potatoes, and provide some new herbs.

Over the years, the Garden Club has planted a variety of fresh produce. Laube stated that, “We have raised a large variety of produce in the 3 years since the club started. Some include artichokes, raspberries, strawberries, sunflowers (for the seeds), a TON of tomatoes, peppers, watermelon, squash/zucchini, and beans just to name a few.”

If you have an interest in providing our school with fresh fruits and vegetables or you enjoy administrative tasks, you can join the garden club! An informational meeting for the club will be held in the next couple of weeks, where interested students can learn more about the club, and how to join. In the spring, the club will meet during WIN times on Thursday. Once a member, students will be open to a number of opportunities to participate in within the club. Whatever you would like to do, Garden Club has you covered! Students will be able to choose between planting and maintaining plants or the administrative work that the club needs. As a regular participant in the club, “There are leadership positions that can be given to club members that consistently participate, which can look great on college applications,” Laube says.

The club started many years ago, and since the club has been in full swing Taylor said, “Garden Club has so far donated both tomatoes and squash/zucchini to the school cafeterias. The squash was made into a soup I believe, and the tomatoes were incorporated into the salad bar. We hope to provide a greater variety and quantity this upcoming spring/fall.”

Besides joining the club, the best thing students at our school can do is to increase awareness and stay informed about what the Garden Club is doing. “Often times gym classes in the spring will come and help us set up and maintain the garden,” This is one way students can find out about the club.

Since her time in the Garden Club, Taylor has had memorable experiences, and one of the things she loved about the club is the time that she spends in the sunshine! Chan students can email Taylor Labue at [email protected], to request more information and sign up for their email list to receive updates and information about the club.