CNS Rocks with Vibrance at The Neon Dance!


The annual, Chanhassen High School Neon Dance is on Feb. 15, 8-10pm, at Chanhassen High School! With tickets costing $10, the dance is open to all Chanhassen students, staff, and approved guests. 

Intended dress is neon. Anything from neon sweatshirts to sweatbands are ideal for this dance. Chanhassen Student Council says “The most important thing to know about the dance is that it is an informal dance.”

The week prior to the dance, Chanhassen Student Council organizes a spirit week, A.K.A- Stormies Week. Here’s what you need to know: 

  • Matching Monday- Wear matching outfits with a friend!
  • TikTok Tuesday- Dress like an e-girl, e-boy, or your favorite TikTok
  • Winners Wednesday- Wear a jersey to support your favorite winning team!
  • Throwback Thursday- Come to school as if it was the 80s’!
  • Freaky Friday- Swap with a teacher and dress like them for the day!
©chanstudco112 on Instagram
Stormies Week Poster

Students bringing guests must fill out a form to get approval. You can find one at the main office. Bring it in before the dance!

The Neon dance is a much awaited event for many students. Chanhassen High School Senior, Disha Thakkar says the dance is so popular because, “It gives students time to be with friends, relax a bit and have fun.” Thakkar elaborates by saying, “It gives us time off studying and the stressors of school.” 

©Disha Thakkar (12, Chanhassen High School)
Neon Dance 2019

Freshmen Mackenzie Brady and Téa Sopoci-Hardin state, “The dance is a good way to bring unity to our school and for students to join together and enjoy ourselves.”

Student Council Executive Kelly Lutgen says, “Students benefit from the dance by having a fun event to attend that lets them socialize with their friends, meet new people, and relax/unwind from the stresses of school.”

She encourages attendance of this dance because “it is a fun part of the high school experience!” Lutgen continues by saying, “The more students know about the dance, the more likely they are to attend so we need to do as much advertisement about the dance as possible in terms of when it is, where it is, what the theme is, etc.”

The Neon Dance is something you can’t miss! Buy your tickets now, at lunches or directly at the dance!