Chanhassen High School Girls Basketball Events


Girls varsity game


Eric Kraushar
Tori Tollefson, Team Captain

Eric Kraushar
Julia Gronholz, Team Captain

Chanhassen Girls Basketball has hosted many events for the coaches, players, and parents of players. One event is Senior Night, an amazing night that recognized and honored the two senior team captains of the varsity team, Tori Tollefson and Julia Gronholz.

Another event is the yearly Chanhassen Girls Basketball Camp which gives the coaches great opportunities to build relationships with the players. In past years, the camp even had a showing of Women’s Gopher Basketball coach, Lindsay Whalen. She provided tips and demonstrations on different basketball skills. This camp takes place every summer for one week and anyone grades 4-8 can participate. It’s run by the coaches and the players.     

 The biggest and most important event has yet to come. The Chanhassen Girls Basketball Parent Night will take place on Saturday, February 8th at 4:15 in the main gym at Chanhassen High School. This is a ceremony for the parents of the players. They will be recognized for their hard work and dedication to the Chanhassen Basketball Athletic program. They each will receive a gift from their daughter. According to the coaches, anyone is welcome to come and is encouraged to. 

The most popular girls basketball event is of course, the games. The Varsity Chanhassen girls basketball team has one more home game before the end of the season. It will be on Saturday, February 8th at 7:00pm in the main gym. There may be a playoff home game in late February, but it depends on the team’s record. “We are at the end of our season and would love all the fan support we can get. Being present at our games can really help pump our team up and feel loved.” The coach of the 9th grade team, Craig Schafer, states. “Depending on the foul and injury situation, our games typically last between an hour and an hour and fifteen minutes. Anyone and everyone is encouraged to attend our games. We’d love it. Well, at least some of my girls would really like it.”