Face of the Storm: Ella Anderson


The 2019 speech season has kicked off, and Chanhassen freshman Ella Anderson is ready. She is new to speech this year, and ready to learn! When asked why she chose to join speech she recalls, “I mainly made myself join speech so I could improve my presentational speaking, and learn how to present important information better.” Ella is in informative speaking. That means she gives a ten minute speech with visual aids that presents information about a topic. Her speech is about college admissions, and discusses everything from the history of the admission process to Affirmative Action. Last weekend the Chanhassen team took a trip to Marshall, Minnesota for an overnight tournament. Despite it being her first real tournament, Ella broke into novice semifinals. She said, “Marshall was a really fun and eye opening experience. It was fun to compete against other infos, and see how I could improve my speech, and see what the judges looked for in a good performance.” Ella is excited for the rest of the season, and for the opportunity to keep improving. When she’s not busy with speech, Ella participates in cross country, marching band, and CAP. She says she is looking forward to the rest of the semester and to keep competing and improving in speech. This is Ella Anderson, and she is the Face of the Storm!