First Man film review


First man is a movie following the life of Neil Armstrong and how he came to be the first man on the moon. Some might think that they already know everything there is to know about Neil and that there is no need to go see this movie, but believe me, you will rethink everything you thought you knew about him after you see this captivating and breathtaking movie. This is a must see movie that will change your vision of this historical event forever. Many people don’t realize how many lives were lost and how much political disruption the process of getting a man to the moon caused. They also don’t realize what Neil’s personal life was like and how often disaster struck his life. This movie really broadens your mind and makes you think about how little you actually know about famous and historical people. You know there accomplishments, you know why they are in the history books, but do you actually know anything about how they got there? Or why they got there? This movie answers all these questions about Neil Armstrong and then some. The movie had a good storyline, following the real events and portraying them accurately. It can get a little slow at times, mostly for dramatic effect, but for the most part it kept you wanting more. The actors also all played their parts very well, especially Ryan Gosling, who played the main character Neil. This is the first more historical movie he has done but he still managed to play the part well.The movie also had some cool technical stuff in it too. They had it completely silent at times when it was a dramatic moment in space when it would be completely silent for the astronauts, but they also had cool dramatic music at times. They did some cool stuff with the lighting and camera angles. Overall, I thought that First Man was very good and definitely worth seeing.