Night School – Movie Review


Everybody needs a good laugh now and then but “Night School” is more than that. Night School is a great laugh. Starring Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish this movie have the whole theater dying of laughter. Directed by Malcolm D. Lee this movie will have you rolling on the floor. Kevin Hart plays Teddy Walker a high school dropout who works as a grill salesman. His whole life is turned around when he blows up his place of employment and to get a new job he has to go back to night school to get his GED. He finds himself with a feisty teacher (Tiffany Haddish) that pushes him to his limits and his old high school nemesis (Taran Killam) eager for revenge.

Night school is a dramatized version of life. The storyline of this movie is quite plausible although some parts are ridiculous it is what makes the movie funny. It is relatable on so many levels. From having a hard job, to struggling in school, to following your dreams. Each character brings something new to the table. There are some many different archetypes, the High School dropout, overwhelmed mom, immigrant dreaming of being a pop star and so many more each more ridiculous and comedic. You can find a way to relate to every character in the movie and you get to watch them grow.

Tiffany Haddish plays the character, Carrie a teacher that pushes Kevin Hart’s character to his limits, because she believes in him. Her character honors the amazing teachers that we have in our lives and teaches us the difference it makes when someone believes in you. She also shows how frustrating and hard it can be to be a teacher. Teachers are really the unsung heroes and this character gives credit to teachers everywhere. It is very inspiring but wrapped up in humor.

The camera angles in this movie make it feel very personal. It jumps from face to face during a conversation. At one point in the movie, the characters are all standing in a circle talking and the camera is in the middle of the circle going from face to face making the audience feel like they are right in the story.

As well as effective camera angles there was a good use of music in this movie. They had music that matched the scenes perfectly and provided the necessary boost to the scene energy, but going unnoticed. They also used music to fill space when necessary and make the movie more intriguing.

The actors in this movie had great comedic timing. Kevin Hart is ridiculously funny and delivers his lines with such great timing and tone to make the audience bust a gut. Although his character was extremely similar to other roles he has played for example his role in Jumanji it was such a similar character down on his luck. Nevertheless, he plays the part very well. On the other hand, Tiffany Haddish creates a very believable character that we can’t help but love. Together both actors have great comedic chemistry, they worked together really well. One supporting actor who really stood out was Al Madrigal, he played Luis another one of the night school students. He stole the show with his Mexican accent and comedic timing. We could really invest and connect with his character.

If you like laughing (everyone should) go see Night School, now in theaters across the country.