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Not so Minnesnowta

Skiers find alternative practice methods because of the lack of snow Chanhassen has had.


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Since Mother Nature is deciding to not work in the ski seasons favor this year, skiers have to find alternative training methods to make sure they are ready for the snow that should eventually fall.

During pre-season, the skiers have to participate in “drylands”, exercises that include running and core. Obviously, skiers would rather be doing slaloms than sprints. “It is awful, I hate it,” Grace Busby (12) says about having to run all the time instead of any actual skiing.

Busby said that the team participates in other training methods such as killers and drills. Busby doesn’t do much training off season besides watch the pros on YouTube. “We can’t really train, because we need snow and I can’t just go to Colorado to ski,” Busby said. Her and the rest of the team wish they could.

The 2016- 2017 season is junior Carly Swenson’s fifth year on the Alpine Ski Team, she said this year has been the warmest season that she has participated in. “It’s been warm, there has been a lot of warm days, but it has never been this warm. There has always been snow, this is the first time that in December there hasn’t been a nice layer” Swenson says about previous seasons compared to this one.

Swenson admits to doing lots of wall sits during the off season, she says they are very beneficial to “build thigh strength because you have to be on the hill for a long time.”

Skiers practice on manmade snow at Hyland Ski and Snowboard Area in Bloomington, and though actual snow is ideal, student skiers must make it work.

“It’s really bad snow, but it’s snow. it’s gonna help us later in the season if there is a race with not very good snow conditions we will be prepared because we are practicing on this now” Swenson said.

Clare Gans is also a junior, but is on the Nordic Ski Team. Gans says the mild snow this year “sucks.” Nordic relates to cross country skiing, so training without snow means multiple mile runs with poles and trying to ski uphill in grass.

“I regret doing nordic every year before snow comes. Once snow comes, everything will get better,” Gans said.

Nordic needs much more snow than Alpine skiing, so the occasional days the Alpine team can ski on the man made snow, the Nordic team is still stuck doing pole races.

Nordic races have already been postponed or cancelled this season, putting a damper on the skiers.

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Not so Minnesnowta