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Playing dress up never ends

Why do people look like they are from a different era? That person looks like they just woke up. Why are those people wearing hula skirts in the middle of winter? It’s spirit week!

Students go all out for spirit week dress up days.

Hannah Lampson

Students go all out for spirit week dress up days.


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Homecoming week and right before winter break are the two times during the school year where students and staff can come to school looking absolutely ridiculous. These weeks are spirit weeks.

A lot of time goes into choosing the themes for dress up days. Student Council begins talking about the homecoming theme the spring before that year on a retreat where they come up with dozens of themes. They then come together to narrow down and eventually confirm a theme in August. The students are prone to changing their minds during this time.

“In the spring we say ‘Okay we’ve got it, we’ve picked it’ for the dress up days and on that particular day, that’s what everybody wanted. School starts ‘Oh my god! Who picked that? We don’t like that,’” Student Council co-advisor Dave Carlson said.

After all the time put into figuring out the theme, Student Council goes into action spreading the word.

“We take multiple approaches to try and reach the vast medium of the school,” co-president Sarah Schweitzer (12) said.

Student Council members make posters, send in information to the morning announcements, and take to Twitter to get the word out to everyone in the school. They make sure to include when the dress up days are going to be and what students and staff should wear during these days.

“No approach is effective over the other, it is the combination that makes the advertisement successful,” Schweitzer said.

Not everyone immediately plans out their wacky outfits for that week. Some see all the advertising for the dress up days and decide not to participate for various reasons.

“The themes were too hard to dress up for and I’m not gonna buy stuff if I’m only gonna wear it once,” Savanah Best (12) said.

When people don’t dress up, Schweitzer doesn’t take it personally. Student Council tries to come up with themes where people might have something in their closets to wear, while also trying to be original. The theme might not work for everyone.

“I can’t force them to dress up. Plus they may not dress up because they don’t have the means to or it’s against their personal beliefs, which we always have to respect,” Schweitzer said.

Spirit days are a way for Student Council to allow students and staff to go crazy with their outfits for a week. It also allows them to show their school pride.

“I don’t know if it builds spirit, but it sure is fun,” Carlson said.

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