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A second chance

Intramural sports provide many opportunities for students.


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One of the many shocks some high school athletes go through is being cut from a sports team. They have most likely been playing this sport for years, and now they have to give it up. That’s where intramurals come in. Most high schools and some colleges offer these sports, and students fill the spots up fast.

Intramural Sports, often referred to as “murals” by the students that play the sports, are sports that are played for fun. Some of the most popular options are volleyball and basketball. Volleyball starts in the early fall months and is played on Monday nights and the season ends usually late December. While basketball starts in mid-December and is on Monday nights (same as volleyball, but times vary).

“When I was cut from basketball I was very shocked because I had never been cut from a sport before. Last year was my first year playing intramurals, and it was so fun. I got to play the game I love, with all my friends,” Jack Krause (11) said.

Sophomore Kody Browne agreed with Krause.

“I found out about murals while I was in middle school, and I heard it was super fun, So I told myself whenever I get cut, I’m hittin’ up murals,” Browne said. “Murals is a way for me to keep playing the game I love, and I also have a great time.”

For most students, when asked why they play intramural sports, they might answer with because I want to be with all my friends, or I’m just trying to fit in.

Carson Funk (10), who does not play basketball or volleyball competitively for the high school, takes advantage of playing a sport he normally wouldn’t.

“They (Intramurals) are very fun and you get to play fun sports with your friends,” Funk (10) said.

This is Carson’s second year playing both intramurals basketball and volleyball at Chanhassen High school.

As of now, October, intramural Volleyball is under way, and basketball will start in less than a month. The main gym is where most of the games are played for both sports on Monday nights. Volleyball teams usually consist of eight or more players, while basketball usually has anywhere from five to nine players. Spots fill up fast, so students are encourages to sign up early.

The main gym

Kyle Remington
The main gym

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A second chance