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Life after high school

The Career Resource Center (CRC) is a popular place for seniors as they plan for life after Chan.


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The college process is something that a majority of high school students go through, mostly junior and senior year. This includes going on college visits, applying to colleges and looking at the costs of colleges.

Career Resource Center (CRC) Manager Emily Mattran is on hand to help students with a variety of college needs and questions and can be found in the College/Career Resource Center (CRC), just down the hall from the main entrance before the Media Center.

“They (Chanhassen High School) want you to succeed and will do whatever it takes to help you do that,” Senior Andrew Moe (12) said.

Although there is never a specific time to start the whole college process, the school tries to implement some activities into the classroom, according to Mrs. Mattran. Some include ACT/SAT practice or encouraging students to take advantage of the many college visits to the CRC.

Senior year of high school is when students get more serious abour college and career exploration than the previous years. “Students look at what they want to study,” University of Marquette Representative Ryan Yates said.

Students sometimes can get ahead of themselves and rush the process. But, don’t try to rush it too much, Mattran said.

“It’s a developing pathl,” she added.

Colleges are now seeing the consequences of students that think they have college all figured out, but don’t, according to Mattran. An example could be that you know your major, you know all the classes that you are taking all four years of college, you know what you’re doing every weekend before you do it, you have all four years planned in depth before you even get to do them. But some colleges and universities encourage students to take things one step at a time.

The University of Minnesota recently changed their motto to “Come curious,” according to Mattran. This was due to the fact that they were seeing that students are thinking that everything has to be figured out so they came up with the new motto.


The outside of the CRC

Kyle Remington
The CRC is a great place to start thinking about life after high school. 

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Life after high school