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Gaining a little green


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It’s not often that students get a week off from school, so when they do, they pack up and are gone with the drop of a hat. On September 27- October 2 the Ryder Cup is coming to Chaska, Minnesota. At the Hazeltine National Golf Club 24 players from both Europe and the United States will compete in match play competition. There is expected to be as many as 300,000 people attending. Due to the large expectancy of fans and players, residents around the Hazeltine area have decided to take this competition as an opportunity to gain a little “green”. Many people, including students at the high school are spending their break vacationing, while golf enthusiasts coming to town, stay the week living in their homes.

Anna Klein (12) is flying out to Boston for the week and Emma Mertes (10) will be heading down south to Texas. A large majority of kids will be traveling somewhere over the break, a few will even be renting their house out while they are gone.

“When we heard how much money people were renting houses out for we thought we might as well try to get some money while we go on vacation,” Preston Willer(10) said. Willer and his family are traveling to Cancun, Mexico over the break. With two cats, two dogs, and a hamster, Willer and his family have had some preparations to attend to. “There’s a lot of insurance things my parents have to handle and I’m sure there’s a lot of paperwork associated with the process.” Willer said speaking about the procedure of renting.

Hundreds of renting opportunities have popped up on tv, in newspapers, and all over renting websites, all varying in length of stays, rooms, and prices. Some folks are even renting out small portions of their home instead of committing to renting the whole thing.

Over the break Anna Nornes (12) is taking a trip to New York with some friends, and back at her home they have a different renting situation happening. “We are just renting out our basement and my siblings’ rooms to our neighbor who is the director of the Ryder Cup and has all of his family coming into town. So they are just paying us to stay in a couple of the rooms for the weekend,” Nornes said.

American and European teams fight for victory of the Ryder Cup at Hazeltine National golf course in Chaska.

As the eager fans of the Ryder Cup flood into the state of Minnesota, residents of near Hazeltine renting out their homes, head on out just before the competition begins. Photo by: Scottish Government

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Gaining a little green