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The gang’s all here

Students congregate in the Media Center to utilize its resources.


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These days, with so many electronics and flex spaces at Chanhassen High School, some might think that the Media Center is a ghost town. Last year, a recorded 290 fiction books were checked out in the month of September. This year, that number has risen to 475 fiction books checked out during the same period of time.

“English teachers have changed their curriculum to the point where instead of assigning so many books where the whole class reads the same thing, they are giving their students free choice,” Media Specialist Connie Nuss said.

Students are using the Media Center for more than just picking choice books. Ever since flex started, it seems that the Media Center is being used more often. When teachers are gone for the day, they let their students sign up for a room to work in. Many choose the Media Center because of the flex spaces available.

“We offer a personal flex zone, that is the quite, silent study area, and we also have two group flex zones that students can choose,” Nuss said.

Madison Bisek (12), uses the Media Center a fair amount each year, checking out books five or six times a year. She has tried reading books electronically, but doesn’t like it as much.

“I like holding the book in front of me,” Bisek said.

Riley Sorensen (11), on the other hand, said she hasn’t checked out a book since freshman year. Unlike Bisek, Sorensen prefers reading her books electronically.

“I have a Kindle and I read everything on it,” Sorensen said, “It’s much easier for me to find books that I like and I can read with the Kindle app on my phone or computer anywhere I want.”

With around ten thousand books and three flex spaces, the Media Center has a wide variety of reading material and work space. Students can browse the many bookshelves on their own, but if they need help there will be someone there to assist them.

“If [students] do need help, we are happy to help them,” Nuss said.

The media center has a large selection of books available to students.

Katherine Olson
The media center has a large selection of books available to students.

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The gang’s all here