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Peter Larson (11) enjoys many things in his life and puts a lot of effort into them. One of the main things that Larson said he loves to do is photography. He loves to takes photos of the things around him.

“Getting a camera was a big surprise for me and I never thought I would enjoy using it so much,” Larson said. Larson got his camera last year for his birthday as a surprise gift from his father and said he cherishes it very much.

But when Larson isn’t taking photos he is dancing. Dancing is one of the most important activities in his life, and he has done it since a very young age. After doing it for such a long time, he has become very talented and he drives to do his best every day.

One of his most valued memories is seeing a show and looking at the dancers. Larson said he remembers saying, “ I want to be able to do that.” 

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Peter Larson face of the storm bio