Face of the Storm: Maddy Mayer


As flexible learning and online classes have become increasingly popular, the upstairs spaces have helped many students get their work done and seek out assistance from students/teachers.

This is where we found Maddy Mayer, a senior who is is currently enrolled in four online courses. While Mayer often uses the Studio for her classes, she also travels over to the Garage for peer tutoring. The Garage, Studio, and L each serve as different learning environments. “You have all these resources to help you,” Mayer said. “Tutoring and being in here is really quiet.”

Compared to traditional classes, Mayer said her online courses allow for more flexibility. She said she is able to work at her own pace, whether that be slowing down to  further understand a subject or speeding up when she already comprehends the material.

When she is not doing her online classes or is in school, Mayer said she enjoys hanging out with her friends or just being at home with her family.