Changing the face of football

New Assistant Coach Cullen Nelson smiles to show how exited he is to be coaching for Chanhassen High School

New Assistant Coach Cullen Nelson smiles to show how exited he is to be coaching for Chanhassen High School


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On November 17, 2015,  The official Chanhassen Storm Football Twitter account (@chanstormfb) tweeted a salute to Bill Rosburg, thanking him for his 7 years of building and leading the football program. With Rosburg leaving his position as head coach, that leaves the spot open. Through approximately a month long process of interviewing, Michael Bailey was selected as the head of Chan Football, while Cullen Nelson will become a new assistant coach.

The mind behind the coaching positions was Austin Tollerson, Chanhassen High School’s athletic director. He was the one who held the interviews, chose the new staff, and helped form the football program into what it is today. When asked why he chose Bailey, he said, “There are many reasons that Coach Bailey is the right coach for the job, but above all Mike Bailey values relationships, trust, and family. Many coaches have the knowledge and football experience, but the right coach to build a successful, values based, program must possess these characteristics.” Both Nelson and Bailey have a positive reputation in the Chanhassen community; being former/current teachers and coaches. “Both men bring a tremendous energy to the program and I know the players and community are excited about their leadership, “ Tollerson said.

With all the changes happening in the next year, the athletic department believed they needed at least one more football coach to join the staff. “Coach Nelson’s values and vision were right in line with our Chanhassen Football Program,” Tollerson said. Nelson makes sure his players show “effort, attitude, resilient, no excuses, integrity, and teamwork” everyday on and off the field. Nelson also believes it’s important to create a strong relationship between coach and player. “Getting to know players is key. They don’t care how much you know until they know you care,” Nelson said.

Having Bailey as new head coach will bring a few changes to the football program. Both in coaching style, and communication within the football program. Bailey plans on building a Unity Council of football players instead of having captains. “The Unity Council will be made up of 4 players from each of the four classes. This will help the communication between staff, players, and parents, “ said Bailey. Also, the defense within teams will change due to the fact that the program hired a new defensive coordinator.

Many Chanhassen football players believe Bailey will succeed as new head coach. Plenty already have a connection with him considering he’s been in the program 7 years. Matthew Boyum (9) said, “ I think that Bailey will make some adjustments to the plays, what we can run,  and will do anything he can to win games. He’s been in the program since the beginning as an assistant coach so he knows what’s going on and what he needs to do to make us successful.“ Also, many of the players are excited to have Nelson as a new assistant coach. Quarterback Lincoln Kent-Schneider (9) said, “I think I will have a good connection with Nelson because I’ve heard so many good things about him, how he coaches and how he is as a person. I already have a lot of respect for him. I can’t wait to get out there and play for him next year!”

Next season is a while away, but everything is  already being prepared for those Friday nights on the field. Both Nelson and Bailey accepted important roles in the Chanhassen Storm Football Program, and both are excited to work with the players.  “Special things can happen at Chan and I can’t wait to be a part of it,” Nelson says.